The Singing Bone – A Spell for Justice

Years afterwards a shepherd was driving his herd across the bridge, and saw lying in the sand beneath, a snow-white little bone. He thought that it would make a good mouth-piece, so he clambered down, picked it up, and cut out of it a mouth-piece for his horn. But when he blew through it for the first time, to his great astonishment, the bone began of its own accord to sing:

“Ah, friend, thou blowest upon my bone!
Long have I lain beside the water;
My brother slew me for the boar,
And took for his wife the King’s young daughter.”

-The Singing Bone

Intent: To reveal a crime and bring justice upon the perpetrator.
Ideal Timing: Full Moon for revelation / Dark of the Moon for revenge


  • Wooden flute
  • White paint & brush
  • Dry chicken bone
  • Dish of sand
  • Cauldron or burning bowl
  • Herbal incense for justice, truth, retribution, etc (see below)

To begin, acquire a wooden flute. I recommend something like a children’s toy whistle, but use whatever suits your purposes best. Mastery of the instrument is not required. All that is needed is a sound. Clean the instrument well and paint it white. Then, somewhere on the body of the flute, careful paint or draw a set of scales to represent justice, and whatever other symbols you deem appropriate. Set it aside to allow the paint to dry.

Next, acquire a chicken bone. A leg or part of a wing is suggested, but a vertebra would also be appropriate and in keeping with the details of the story. Clean the bone well to remove any scraps of soft tissue, dry it well, then bury it in a small dish of sand. It doesn’t need to be deep, it just needs to be covered.

Note: Since the ritual portion of this working dips a toe into the realm of spirit work, I do suggest casting a protective circle in your work area before performing the next part of the spell, purely as a precaution. Use whatever methods you normally would to sanctify and protect your workspace.

On the day that you plan to perform your spell, retrieve the dish of sand and the prepared flute. Set up your burning bowl in a fire-safe area outdoors, with a charcoal disk in the bottom and a handful of herbs on top. The components of this incense may vary according to what you prefer to use and what you have on hand, but the following are suggested options:

  • JUSTICE & LEGAL MATTERS – Celandine, Cascara Segrada, Galangal Root, Hickory Wood, Lovage, Marigold, Sumac Berries, Tansy, Tobacco
  • RETRIBUTION – Blackthorn, Devil’s Shoestring, Vetiver, Willow Bark
  • STRENGTH – Balsam, Basil, Bay Leaf, Bloodroot, Calamus, Cedar, Cinquefoil, Echinacea, Fennel, Motherwort, Nettle, Oak, Oakmoss, Pine, Sycamore, Thistle, Thyme, Walnut
  • TRUTH – Bluebell, Borage, Cherry Blossom, Deer’s Tongue, Dogbane, Primrose, Scullcap, Solomon’s Seal Root
  • CATALYSTS – Agrimony, Allspice Powder, Amber Oil, Bergamot, Cardamom, Clove Powder, Ginger Root, Peppermint

Set your incense to smolder, and allow the smoke to rise. When you’re ready, blow a steady note on the wooden flute. Call the name of the wronged or murdered party, saying:

“[NAME], I hear your cry for justice from beyond the veil of night.
Though this wrong lies buried, we will see it brought to light.”

Blow on the flute once more. If you know the name or names of the guilty parties, call them aloud, saying:

“[NAME(S)]*, though you bury your misdeeds deep,
Though you hide behind the walls of power and station,
The eyes of the gods are upon you.
The eyes of the people are upon you.
The eyes of justice are upon you.
In the name of [all that is good and right],**
I reveal you to the eyes of the world.
Stand and answer for what you have done!”

*If the guilty party is not known by name, a simple epithet such as “You who have wronged this person” or the like will suffice.

**If desired, you may substitute the names or epithets of your preferred deity or deities.

Blow a long note on the flute and shake the dish of sand so that the buried bone rises to the top. The calling and unburying may be repeated as many times as you feel a need, or multiple times for multiple victims, or multiple times for multiple perpetrators. Take as long as you need.

When you have finished, extinguish the incense and make sure everything is tidied up. Follow whatever steps you usually take to open your protective circle and end the ritual. Reinforce your personal protections if you feel the need. Keep the bone and flute in a safe place, in case you need to use them again.

Hex Positive, Ep. 4 – Advice for Beginner Witches

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Get out those pencils! This month, we’re delving into a boatload of advice for beginner witches. From avoiding common pitfalls to flexing your research muscles to discovering your specialty, and a lesson on magical fire safety too. There’s…a lot. I may have gone overboard. This is the Stuff I Wish Someone Had Told Me Ages Ago episode you won’t want to miss!

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And if you’re just tuning in – hi there! Hex Positive is a practical witchcraft podcast hosted by me, Bree NicGarran. Every month, I’ll be talking about a different topic, from advice to magical techniques to issues affecting the witchcraft community today. We’re only a handful of episodes deep, so there’s plenty of ground to cover. Make sure you tune in between the full-length eps for Witch Ways – the monthly minisodes that help tide you over.

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“Spellbound” & “Miri’s Magic Dance”
Ad – “Frost Waltz”
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RVA Witch Market Updates

Fantastic news, witches! It looks like the RVA Coven market events for July and October are good to go! Barring further emergencies (and there better not be any spikes), the coven will be hosting open-air markets in Richmond featuring lots of local craftspeople, performers, and merchants!

Oh and….yours truly! 😁

July Witch Market
Sunday, July 19th, 11am – 3pm

Samhain Witch’s Market
Saturday, October 24th, 1pm – 6pm

Click through to the Facebook event pages above and make sure you mark those dates on your calendars! See you there!

Hex Positive, Ep. 3 – Hex Positive

Our first full-length episode! This time, we’re delving into what it means to be Hex Positive, as well as discussing and dismantling some of the confusion surrounding the use of hexes and curses. Just what IS the Threefold Law anyway? The answer may surprise you.

(Pardon the bumps in the latter part of the episode, there was a kitty knocking about in my recording area.)

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“Spellbound” & “Miri’s Magic Dance” & “Carefree”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Hex Positive Updates

I’ve been hard at work getting more content ready to go for the podcast over the past week (after giving myself a little break following the premiere). There’s obviously a lot that I want to cover, and it’s tough to decide how to prioritize those topics.

The current title lineup for the rest of 2020 looks a little like this:

-Ep 3: Hex Positive (June)
-Ep 4: Advice for Beginner Witches (July)
-Ep 5: They Blinded Me With SCIENCE…Denial (August)
-Ep 6: This Seems Familiar (September)
-Ep 7: Things That Go Bump (October)
-Ep 8: Secular Celebrations (November)
-Ep 9: The Broom Closet (December)

Of course, this is all subject to a certain amount of change, but I’ve got solid ideas for all of these topics, and I’m already working on scripts as far out as Episode 6. There are some tentative topics lined up for next year, but I’m leaving those up in the air, because a lot can change between now and January.

And as promised, these will all be followed by mid-month minisodes to keep you entertained. Sometimes the minisode will match the episode topic, and sometimes it won’t. It all depends on what I’m working with. I’m going to try and rustle up some extra goodies for Patreon as well. (Contemplating a vlog of a foraging expedition on my inlaws’ farm, among other things.)

Anyway, Episode 2 is out now, and Episode 3 is scheduled for June 1st! Make sure you’re subscribed on your favorite podcast app, and if you can’t find the show, be sure to let me know.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and Always Practice Safe Hex!

Hex Positive, Ep. 2 out now!

In the second episode, we’ll clarify what defines a witch for the purposes of this podcast, from the history of the word “witch” to the associated modern issues of gender, including a reading of “What Makes A Witch?” from Grovedaughter Witchery.

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Hex Positive Podcast Premiere

Have you ever thought about getting into witchcraft, but were overwhelmed by the amount of information and the number of paths involved?  Do you struggle to find a secular space for your craft in a spiritual community? Ever wandered past the seasonings aisle and wondered if pumpkin spice could be incorporated into your practice?

From Bree NicGarran, author of Grovedaughter Witchery, comes Hex Positive, a practical witchcraft podcast and the newest member of the Nerd & Tie Podcast Network.

Every month, join Bree for a discussion of secular witchcraft, with plenty of tips for witching on a budget, finding good resources, furthering your magical education, and keeping your common sense superpowers strong. We’ll also delve into the history of witches and witchcraft, witches in literature and folklore, and how those ideas influence what it means to be a witch in the modern day.

And Hex Positive IS Hex. Positive. We firmly believe that it is the choice of every witch whether to use hexes and curses, just as it is every witch’s choice which path they’ll follow.

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And remember, witchlings – Always Practice Safe Hex!

Hex Positive Updates

Episodes 1 & 2 are recorded, mixed, and ready to roll! I’ve written Episode 3 is written and waiting, and I’m working on the script for Episode 4. Here’s the lineup so far:

  • Ep 001 – Welcome to the Table
  • Ep 002 – What Is A Witch?
  • Ep 003 – Hex Positive
  • Ep 004 – Advice for Beginner Witches

I’ve scheduled the first two eps for May 1st and 15th, respectively. They’re shorter and sort of introductory, so they’re releasing faster. Then I’ll be moving to a longer format and monthly episodes with Ep 3, and there will be interim episodes and bonus content to look forward to in between. I’m working on lining up some fun guests hosts as well, and you can look forward to hearing from some familiar names once that gets started.

My supporters over on Patreon can expect early access to new episodes and fun podcast extras like “Witch Ways” – little bite-sized episodes with spells, tips, charms, and recipes that will later be released between the long-form episodes. (Early access rewards start as low as $1.00 a month, so if you have spare change and would like to support the show, make sure you go and check that out!)

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