And Now The Weather…

The hurricane rain passed through and left us a day straight out of Washington Irving.

Cool winds refresh a land made muggy by the doldrums of late summer. From over the treetops, the white smoke of burning leaves blooms with the essential fragrance of autumn. Windows long shut are thrown wide and pumpkin-colored cats lounge on white-painted sills, luxuriating in the sunshine and rejoicing in the wind that quivers their whiskers.

Foliage still clinging to stately gowns of green begins to show a lick of flame-colored petticoats beneath. Leaves scuttle across lawn and pavement with an excited chatter, echoing the whispers of their cousins above, as if to herald the oncoming season. And over all, a golden sun rides in the limitless arc of the deep blue sky.


Author: Bree NicGarran

Published Writer. Mom Friend. Pagan Blogger. Practicing Witch.

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