Dec. 15, 2016 – A Tribute to Sebastian (R.I.P.)

His Lordship, The Baron McFoozlebuns
First of His Name
Terror of Mice
Loyal Companion
Beloved Familiar

It is with a heavy heart this day that I announce the passage of our dear friend Sebastian into the Summerlands. Sebastian passed peacefully from the world this afternoon, in the arms of loved ones at the venerable age of nineteen.

Brought into the family as a companion for my grandparents, Sebastian came to my mother’s household upon their passing, and was lovingly dubbed The Ancestral Cat. His grumpy demeanor persisted for some years, before softening into a sincere, if grudging, affection for his human servants.

In his later years, he became my constant companion and a loyal familiar. Be it altar lighting, herbwork, or candlemaking, if there was witchwork to be had, Sebastian would be in attendance, seated regally nearby and awaiting his chance to put in a nose or a paw in support.

Though his watch be over and the mantle is passed, the candles yet burn bright in his memory. We do not forget.

May his name be forever blessed, and may he be remembered with greatest fondness in the annals of catkind.

Good journey, old friend. May the road rise up to meet you.

Slán abhaile.


Author: Bree NicGarran

Published Writer. Mom Friend. Pagan Blogger. Practicing Witch.

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