Important Announcement – The Sisters Grimmoire & The Witches’ Cupboard

The Amazon listings for The Sisters Grimmoire and The Witches’ Cupboard are currently down. Anna has decided to formally transfer ownership of the manuscripts to me, and the only way we can do that is to delete the listings and start over. There are secondhand seller listings still available, but I would urge readers not to purchase from these, as they are overpriced and are resales that do not generate any new royalties.


I will be relisting both books by the end of the coming week, barring any issues (there shouldn’t be any), and I will post new links here on tumblr, on the advert posts, and on all my social media.

Because of previous publication, both The Sisters Grimmoire and The Witches Cupboard are going to be published as 2nd editions. This gives me an opportunity to fix a few typos and make sure the formatting for both books transferred correctly from the original editions. There shouldn’t be any major earth-shattering alterations (at least none that I’ve seen a need for just yet), so for those of you who have already purchased copies, don’t worry – you’re not missing out!

For those of you who have read and enjoyed these books, I would really REALLY appreciate it if you would revisit the new listings once they’re posted to leave another rating and review. Taking down the listings for the transfer means all of those lovely reviews you left will disappear, and we’ll need to start all over again.

UPDATE – March 20, 2017

Good news, everyone! The Kindle version of The Witches’ Cupboard is once more live on Amazon! The print version is still in review, and that might take another day or so to be ready, but at least there’s progress.

Once all the new listings are live, I’ll be making an update to the ad post that’s been going around all this time, and probably making a new one as well. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my blogs and other social media up to date with the new links for easy reference. If there’s any question of whether a link is viable, check the listing to see if the details list “2nd edition,” and also that the item is available for purchase directly from Amazon or CreateSpace. I will be available for any questions my readers may have.

I’ll keep you all posted on new developments as they happen! You can check here or on Tumblr for the latest updates.



Author: Bree NicGarran

Published Writer. Mom Friend. Pagan Blogger. Practicing Witch.

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