Thank You, Phoenix & Dragon!

Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore has purchased my book for inclusion in their Sandy Springs, GA store!

From the website:

Phoenix and Dragon was founded in 1987,  residing in a small bungalow on Hammond Drive in Sandy Springs. Owner  Candace Apple brought to life a vision far greater than that of a  specialty retail store. She saw Phoenix and Dragon as a community   center: a place filled with the energy of serenity and healing, where   people of any spiritual path might find sustenance on their continued   journey.

Relocating in 1995 to our current 5500  square foot location, the Phoenix and Dragon offers not only a broad  selection of holistic and spiritual merchandise, but also classes,  workshops, psychic readings, art shows, and other special events. The  facility features a serene meditation garden, designed by Candace’s son  Rob, four rooms for psychic readings and other healing sessions. Our  beautiful gallery and classroom features large windows overlooking a  stand of mature hardwood trees.

We are here to offer service to the community as a retail and  spiritual center, and for the exploration of new and meaningful ways to  contribute to interfaith harmony and multi-cultural understanding.

Please make sure that you help me say a big Thank You to Phoenix & Dragon by giving them your business!


Author: Bree NicGarran

Published Writer. Mom Friend. Pagan Blogger. Practicing Witch.

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