Announcement – The Sisters Grimmoire and The Witches’ Cupboard

Okay, witchlings, we’ve had some developments in the Grimmoire republication project, and also with The Witches’ Cupboard.

Co-author Anna and I have decided to part ways to focus on our own projects, and to make things easier on both of us, we’re dissolving our collaborative works. after a fashion. Each of us will retain copyright over our own portions of the books.

So what does this mean for you, our loyal readers?

Well, it means that The Sisters Grimmoire will be back out later this month, BUT there are going to be some very significant changes. There will be fewer spells (but still 60+) and no interior illustrations. The cover art will be the same and the book dimensions will be a bit smaller, and because of this, the price will be pretty sharply decreased. I’m adding a few new spells to make up for the removed entries, so if you want to buy the new edition, there WILL be new material to make it worth your while.

The Witches’ Cupboard will be going out of print effective September 1st. But don’t worry – I’m already hard at work on a brand new book which combines all of my magical powder and oil recipes into one volume, again with new entries for the makeweight. The working title is “Pestlework,” and it will be ready by the end of the summer. (The Witches’ Cupboard may still be available in brick-and-mortar shops, depending on how quickly things sell.)

So yeah, stay tuned for a couple of publications announcements coming up real soon!


Author: Bree NicGarran

Published Writer. Mom Friend. Pagan Blogger. Practicing Witch.

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