Scares That Care 2017

Hello, my freaky darlings! Lulu and I had a great time at the con today. We did our best to stay for a a good while and stroll around and talk to people. We got tons of compliments and photo requests for our Lydia Deetz costumes (if you put us on your Insta, please tag @breenicgarran and @iamlaurengoodnight), and picked up some truly awesome swag in the vendors room.

Annnnd then the fire alarm went off and we decided that was as good a signal as any to call it a day. (Read: We were already sweating to death in our costumes and were not prepared to wait an hour or more for the fire marshall to clear things up, especially if there was an honest-to-goodness fire somewhere in the hotel.)

So we came home to recuperate, and we’ll be spending the evening watching old Beetlejuice cartoons and picking the wig glue out of our….everywhere.

This Year’s Plugs:

Devil Dog Press Publishing Company

Jaime Johnesee Author of the Macabre

Little Shop of Weird – Curious Goods, Antiques & Oddities

Just A Little Hocus Pocus – Year-Round Halloween Store

Wyrd Armouries – Unique Handmade Costume Designs & Props

Occult Cuties – Spooky handmade collectibles and one-of-a-kind creations

Pendle Potions – Custom Reclaimed Glass, Serving Witches Worldwide since 1642

Steampunk Pomegranate – Original Designs by Emrys Figgins (@steampunkpomegranate​ on tumblr)

Horror Show Jack – Customized Fangs and Horror Collectibles (Instagram)

The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Tour – Virginia’s Oldest Ghost Tour


Author: Bree NicGarran

Published Writer. Mom Friend. Pagan Blogger. Practicing Witch.

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