Hex Positive, Ep. 14 – American Druidry with Dana O’Driscoll

This month, I sat down with author, painter, permaculturist, and the head of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, Dana O’Driscoll. We had a lovely chat about druidry, caring for the land, adapting ancient traditions to modern realities, and how to incorporate nature-based spirituality into your everyday life, no matter where you live. (Witness me trying to keep it together through some personal revelations.) Check out Dana’s beautiful hand-painted oracle decks and her forthcoming book, “Sacred Actions: Earth-Centered Sustainable Practices,” and visit her blog and Etsy shop at the links below!
The Druid’s Garden LLC Etsy (Buy the Tarot of the Trees and Plant Spirit Oracle here!)
For more information on Druidry:
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