Announcement – Witches&Pagans, Dec. 2017

Fantastic news, witchlings! A review of my best-selling book, Grovedaughter Witchery, is set to be published in the December issue of Witches&Pagans magazine!

I’ve read the advance copy of the review, written by one Hugh Eckert, and I can tell you – it’s a review that ANY author would be proud to have attached to their first solo effort. It’s a red-letter day when words like “impressive” and “innovative” are used to describe a book by an indie author in the pagan circuit.

Please join me in supporting the magazine by picking up a copy next month!


Sneak Preview – The Ledger

A special NaNoWriMo treat for my hardworking beauties! I’ve decided to switch over to short fiction for this year’s project, and this is the result. Feel free to like and comment, but kindly do not reblog.

And for those who will naturally wonder, yes. Yes, this does take place in that fictional witch village I keep promising to write about.

More to come soon!

Oct. 10

To Miss Virginia Farrelly of Grant’s Court – 1 oz. Red Poppy Flowers (dried), 1 oz. Mugwort, 1 phial Powdered Dove’s Blood. Loaned copy of Cahill’s “Treatise on Somniamancy or On Dreams and Dreamwalking.” Took receipt of red ribbon and lovelock belonging to the late Mrs. Josephine Farrelly as collateral (Inventory Box 37) due to client’s past unreliability in returning borrowed books. If volume is not returned by All Saint’s Day, charge Miss Farrelly’s account for one (1) Minor Necromantic Sending. If pressed, inform Mrs. Farrelly upon summoning that her daughter is still messing about with that Parneau fellow from Tarrington. Should put an end to matters.

To Mr. Hector Greenberg of Twining Way – Weekly prescription for rheumatism (1 oz. Wintergreen, 1 oz. Willow Bark, 1 oz. Licorice Root, 1 packet muslin poultice sachets, 1 roll sterile cotton bandages). Mr. Greenberg notes some improvement in dexterity and range of motion since beginning treatment. Swelling in knuckles is noticeably diminished, and Mr. Greenberg mentioned he has been able to return to bookbinding alongside his sons.

Took return of one (1) Citrine Luck Amulet from Mr. Archibald Hager. Customer complained amulet “did not ruddy work,” and made certain uncouth comments regarding the efficacy of other shop products. Refunded purchase price, minus the cost of the Banish Misfortune working. Customer argued over this, but left abruptly upon the arrival of Constable Maynard Hughes.

Addendum, Oct 11 – Mr. Hager is currently abed, suffering a broken leg following an incident involving a faulty front step and a previously undiscovered gopher hole. Must remember to send a nice pie over to the house for his comfort.


NaNoWriMo, Day 11

Just like last year, my project is not proceeding as expected.

I’ve got plenty of notes for The Grovedaughter’s Year, but since so much of what I want to cover has never been written down or properly quantified except in my own head, it’s slow going.

I’ve still got work to do on The Sisters Grimmoire Vol 2, and my short horror prompts folder is rapidly filling with new ideas that need fleshing out.

I’m starting to think that perhaps I should switch, like I did in 2016, and work something different. After all, I’ve published two new books this year, and that’s an accomplishment for any writer. I think I can forgive myself if I don’t finish a third.

Dr. Creepen reads my story, “Knock Knock”

On the night of October 27, 2004, several residents on E—- Road in B—– called the local police station to report a disturbance at the home of one of their neighbors. The reports indicated that a possible home invasion was in progress, as a number of people in dark clothing had been seen moving furtively around the property at [REDACTED], later determined to be the residence of one Alice L—–, a single female in her mid-20s who lived alone. Some callers reported raised voices, which were taken to be indicative of a confrontation between the homeowner and a possible assailant.

Officers arrived on the scene at 23:23H, approximately two minutes after a 911 call indicated that a young woman was seen confronting one or more possible intruders at her front door. However, the caller could not give further information, due to a sudden surge in the local electrical grid which shut down the power for the entire neighborhood. When the responding officers searched the residence, the front door was ajar and there was no sign of Alice L—–.

Full Story Text Here

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Updates – Oct. 1, 2017

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the year!

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, the pumpkins are ripe, and the apples are plentiful. Which not only means that Halloween is coming, but also that NaNoWriMo is looming on the horizon.

Since last year’s book was such a success, I think I’ll be devoting my efforts this autumn toward my newest project, The Grovedaughter’s Year. The response I got from folks online when I first mentioned the idea was surprisingly positive, so I’m going to get my notes together and give it a go. I doubt it will be finished by the end of November, but I’m going to write it just the same. Whether it will be an ebook only or wind up long enough to justify a print version as well remains to be seen.

Nearly everything for the Year is either in my head or in my notes. It’s just a matter of coordinating everything and making it coherent. Apart from the obvious literary rewards, it will be helpful for me to have everything quantified.

The Table of Contents is already taking shape, with four basic sections covering various topics. This is definitely subject to change, but it’s certainly a start.

Section One: The Calendar Year

The Yearly Cycle (seasons, holidays, celebratory measures)
Patron Deities (four household deities & associations)
Other Entities (spirit helpers)

Section Two: The Household

The Altar (icons and setup with photos, offertory procedures)
Pets & Familiars (the cats & their duties, info on training)

Section Three: The Garden

Gardening (windowsill plants, growth magic, preparing herbs)
Walking the Woods (outdoor activities, wildcrafting, meditation)
Preferred Herbs & Spices (my go-to plants for various magics)

Section Four: The Craft

Laying the Groundwork (how to set spells into a new home)
Daily Measures (keying spells with a word or gesture)
Household Spells & Charms (selected household magic rituals)
Kitchen Craft (basic food magics and a few preferred recipes for such)
Weather Witching (selected rituals for weather magic)
Sigils & Symbols (protective sigils and ornaments)
Signs & Omens (my system of established signs and omens and their meanings)
A Word on Land Spirits (working with trees and elementals)
A Word on Household Sprites (working with sprites and brownies)
A Word on Ghosts and Spirit Visitors (for the witch who doesn’t want them)

If there’s something you’d like to know about my personal craft that you don’t see covered here, speak up! I’m still gathering material and I’m open to suggestions.


Developments – What’s Next?

Now that Pestlework is making its’ way into the market and I’ve had a couple of weeks to rest, it’s time to move on to my next project. I’ve been shuffling things around as needed to publish new material, so I’ve got some options.

The Sisters Grimmoire: Vol. II

The much-anticipated followup to The Sisters Grimmoire (2015), featuring spells based on the collected works of Andrew Lang. The new volume is set to feature close to 100 original spells based on fairy tales and folklore from around the world.

Status: Pre-Writing & Preliminary Draft

The Grovedaughter’s Garden

A book of herbal magic and practical advice for witches with an affinity for growing things. The subjects covered will include magical workings to be done in and around the garden, as well as with the harvested plants, and useful information on simple container gardening for witches without yards or large spaces for planting.

Status: Research & Development

The Grovedaughter’s Year

A largely esoteric project detailing the holidays, traditions, rituals, and idiosyncrasies of my personal practice. This would likely be a short ebook, if published, and I doubt it would garner a lot of interest except from those who follow my blog.

Status: Pre-Writing

Short Horror Fiction

A number of prompts are stashed away in a folder, awaiting attention. I have a dozen or so waiting to be fleshed out, and I’m hoping to submit more works for possible podcast or magazine publication sometime next year. I’m also hoping to eventually publish a short anthology at some point, when I have a fair number of stories ready. At this point, it’s a series of writing exercises, but some of them (such as “Torso”) have managed to garner the attention of the horror community.

Status: 2 Complete, Multiple Preliminary Drafts

A Town Called Abberline

My perennial long fiction “witch village” project, forever halfway-shelved and forever having little bits added to it when inspiration strikes. I have a ton of world-building set down for this project, and a number of plotlines sketched out. It’s just a matter of actually sitting down and WRITING the stories.

Status: Pre-Writing

So as you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me!

What I want to know is what you guys think. Which projects interest you the most? Which ones would you like to see? Which ones do you think should be shelved?

Let me know! 🙂

Pestlework – Now Available!

PW Cover final KDP

Pestlework: A Book of Magical Powders & Oils

From the author of Grovedaughter Witchery comes a volume of potions and powders for all occasions, suitable to enhance the craft of any practitioner.

Old standards like Banishing Powder and Blessing Oil meet new classics like Dream Dust and Stargazer Wishing Oil. Need to rid your house of a troublesome spirit? Try a sprinkle of Ghost-Be-Gone Powder. Looking for a way to get your zest back after spellwork? Brim With Vim Vitality Oil might be just the thing. Over 200 original formulae await you within these pages, along with helpful hints, safety tips, and detailed instructions for creating your own magical powders and oils.

Collected for the first time in a single volume, these recipes are the product of twelve years of experience and much experimentation. While magic is never a guarantor of success, the potions within these pages just might give your spells the edge you need.

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