Siobhan Johnson Interview
July 2, 2017
Pagan blogger Siobhan Johnson interviews author Bree NicGarran about the pagan self-publishing game, the inspirations behind her work, and her latest projects.

Secular Spellwriting Webinar (Replay)
April 5th, 2017
An hour-long webinar discussing one method of creating secular spells, with Q&A session following. Suitable for witches of all experience levels. Hosted by Bree NicGarran, author of Grovedaughter Witchery, and Avery Hart, creator of the Old World Witchcraft teaching course. (Discount code expired April 7th, 2017.)

8bitsex Internet Radio Show – Pantaloons of the Past (Replay)
March 31, 2017
Lauren Goodnight welcomes back author Bree NicGarran for further discussion on the success of her latest book, and some amusing anecdotes about Victorian undergarments.

8bitsex Internet Radio Show – Ways of Wiccan (Replay)
March 3, 2017
Lauren Goodnight interviews author Bree NicGarran about her new book, Grovedaughter Witchery, and the ins and outs of consensual love magic in modern secular witchcraft.

Lamyka’s Wiccan Podcast: The Sisters Grimmoire (Replay)
February 7, 2016
Indigenous Hawaiian Polytheist Podcaster Lamyka sits down to interview Bree NicGarran and Anna Zollinger about their new book, The Sisters Grimmoire: Spell and Charms for Your Happily Ever After.