Update – The Sisters Grimmoire 2nd Edition

Great news, folks!

As of tonight, all the text revisions for The Sisters Grimmoire 2nd Edition are complete! I’m working on just a few more things with pricing and cover text, but if all goes well, the Grimmoire might be back on Amazon and CreateSpace by this weekend, a full two weeks ahead of schedule.

Pestlework is also coming along nicely, and if I can get those extra two weeks to work on the content, I will be right on target to deliver a finished product by the end of August. It helps that more than half of the book is already written, coming as it does from my portion of The Witches’ Cupboard (which is reverting to co-author Anna as of September 1st) and the work I did for Grovedaughter Witchery. I’m still working on creating new content for the book, so it won’t be just a reprinted collection of previous works.

Of course, my focus right now is on getting the new edition of the Grimmoire cleaned up and ready for republication. It’s just my spells this time around, so it’s a bit shorter than the original, but I’m adjusting the price accordingly and I included a couple of new entries to help fill things out.

Stay tuned!

Thank You, The Broom Closet!

The Broom Closet Witchcraft Supply Shop has purchased my books for inclusion in their Regina, Saskatchewan shop! (My first international sale!!!)

From the website:

Gone are the days when you have to search far and wide for Witchcraft items. At The Broom Closet, you have access to an incredible collection of candles, cauldrons, herbs, oils, and other commodities related to spell craft. When it comes to magical supplies, we are definitely the place to visit in Regina, SK.

We have earned the trust of the city’s Witchcraft and Pagan community because we offer excellent products at reasonable prices. […] Since we opened our business in 2013, we have provided a large assortment of goods to the local Pagan community. Aside from our products, we hold free events that focus on various spiritual topics.

Please help me say Thank You to the wonderful staff of The Broom Closet by giving them your business! 🙂

Announcement – The Sisters Grimmoire and The Witches’ Cupboard

Okay, witchlings, we’ve had some developments in the Grimmoire republication project, and also with The Witches’ Cupboard.

Co-author Anna and I have decided to part ways to focus on our own projects, and to make things easier on both of us, we’re dissolving our collaborative works. after a fashion. Each of us will retain copyright over our own portions of the books.

So what does this mean for you, our loyal readers?

Well, it means that The Sisters Grimmoire will be back out later this month, BUT there are going to be some very significant changes. There will be fewer spells (but still 60+) and no interior illustrations. The cover art will be the same and the book dimensions will be a bit smaller, and because of this, the price will be pretty sharply decreased. I’m adding a few new spells to make up for the removed entries, so if you want to buy the new edition, there WILL be new material to make it worth your while.

The Witches’ Cupboard will be going out of print effective September 1st. But don’t worry – I’m already hard at work on a brand new book which combines all of my magical powder and oil recipes into one volume, again with new entries for the makeweight. The working title is “Pestlework,” and it will be ready by the end of the summer. (The Witches’ Cupboard may still be available in brick-and-mortar shops, depending on how quickly things sell.)

So yeah, stay tuned for a couple of publications announcements coming up real soon!

Thank You, Ascended Gifts!

Ascended Gifts has just purchased my books for inclusion in their Milwaukee, WI shop!

From the website:

Our Spiritual Shop is based on the belief that our customers’ “spiritual” needs are of the utmost importance. We believe in helping others to continue along on their own spiritual path, by continuing our own spiritual studies and advancement in the Spiritual Arts. We offer the following services to our clients and to our customers (just to name a few): Angelic Oracle card  readings, Tarot readings, Angelic & Ascension Reiki Aura & Chakra Clearing,   Home Cleansings & Blessings, Stress Relief Classes, Wicca Classes, Yoga Classes, Spiritual Ascension gatherings, World Healing Prayer, Ascension Reiki Healings, etc.

Please help me say Thank You to the staff of Ascended Gifts by giving them your business! 🙂

Thank You, Celtic Myth & Moonlight!

Celtic Myth & Moonlight has purchased my books for inclusion in their West Reading, PA store!

From the website:

Celtic Myth and Moonlight was established in 2003 to enlighten and inform those interested in the traditional wares and spirituality of the ancient Celts.  By spinning a web which links the past to the present, the Old Ways are interweaved into our daily lives.

Stepping through our doorway, one journeys through space and time into a different realm.  Willowy tree branches beckon you to enter a place of magic, where fairies frolic amidst colorful, swooping dragons.  Swords and daggers grace the walls, while brightly-colored witch balls catch your eye as you wander throughout the rooms.

Jewelry from the Celtic Isles grace the brightly lit cabinets, shimmering from the glistening light of candles made by local artisans.   Pewter goblets and chalices sit amidst clusters of quartz, amethyst, fluorite, and more. Celtic crosses of seeming antiquity draw one from room to room, as eyes wander to the many rare and special treasures abounding within.  Handmade woolen and silken cloaks drape gracefully over renaissance clothing which will warm and protect you on the darkest of nights.

Please help me say a big Thank You to Celtic Myth & Moonlight by giving them your business! 🙂

Thank You, Akasha’s Treasures!

Akasha’s Treasures has purchased my book for inclusion in their Killeen, TX shop!

From the website:

We are a boutique business located in Central Texas, USA, approximately one hour from Austin, and mere minutes from Fort Hood. We carry a wide array of herbs, spices, and our own custom blended herbal teas. All of our loose incense, candles, and bath and body products are handcrafted within our store.

Akasha’s Treasures started out in Colorado as Ancient Ways in 1992. In 2006 we moved to Texas and started our website to share our products with more customers. At Akasha’s Treasures we research and craft all of our incense, bath salts, whipped shea butters and salves, candles, oils, and herbal teas.

We take pride in handcrafting our products ourselves. All of the ingredients we use in our incense, bath salts, soaps, candles, and oils are natural and made from plants and flowers.

Please help me say Thank You to the wonderful staff of Akasha’s Treasures by giving them your business! 🙂

Thank You, Phoenix & Dragon!

Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore has purchased my book for inclusion in their Sandy Springs, GA store!

From the website:

Phoenix and Dragon was founded in 1987,  residing in a small bungalow on Hammond Drive in Sandy Springs. Owner  Candace Apple brought to life a vision far greater than that of a  specialty retail store. She saw Phoenix and Dragon as a community   center: a place filled with the energy of serenity and healing, where   people of any spiritual path might find sustenance on their continued   journey.

Relocating in 1995 to our current 5500  square foot location, the Phoenix and Dragon offers not only a broad  selection of holistic and spiritual merchandise, but also classes,  workshops, psychic readings, art shows, and other special events. The  facility features a serene meditation garden, designed by Candace’s son  Rob, four rooms for psychic readings and other healing sessions. Our  beautiful gallery and classroom features large windows overlooking a  stand of mature hardwood trees.

We are here to offer service to the community as a retail and  spiritual center, and for the exploration of new and meaningful ways to  contribute to interfaith harmony and multi-cultural understanding.

Please make sure that you help me say a big Thank You to Phoenix & Dragon by giving them your business!