Announcements – The Witches’ Cupboard & Pestlework

Today’s the last day, witchlings! If you haven’t gotten your print or Kindle copy of The Witches’ Cupboard, this is the last day to do it before the Amazon listings are taken down. Some print copies may still be found in shops if you know where to look, but for all intents and purposes, it’s going into the vault at midnight EST tonight.

If you can’t get your hands on a copy just now, don’t despair! My new book Pestlework is set to be published later this month, and it will include all your favorite magical recipes from The Witches’ Cupboard and Grovedaughter Witchery, along with dozens of brand new recipes never seen or published anywhere before.

I’m going to spend this weekend typing like a madwoman to try and get the manuscript finished. I’m bumping the publish date to August 23rd just to give myself a little extra breathing room, but it’s still on target to be out this month.

Stay tuned!


Pestlework and The Witches’ Cupboard

Hello, witchlings!

Well, it’s coming down to the wire now. July is nearly over, the Cupboard is going away, and the Pestlework manuscript is nearing completion.

The Witches’ Cupboard has had a really good run, and I’m a little sad to see it go. I want to thank all the awesome people who have purchased the book and took the time to leave reviews and recommendations and feedback. I also want to thank co-author Anna for all her help with that project and I wish her lots of luck with her future projects. Here’s hoping we’ll see her recipes in a new book someday!

I’m spending this entire weekend, more or less every waking moment, doing my damnedest to get the Pestlework manuscript done. The work hasn’t been going as quickly as I would’ve liked, due to real life taking precedence, but I still want to try and get the book out in mid-August. The original publish date of August 16th might get pushed back a week or so, depending on how things go, but that’s still the rough goal.

At the moment, there is a total of 205 recipes in the book and the page count stands at 150. I’m very pleased that I achieved both of my content goals for Pestlework, and I feel like I’ve put together a book that I can be proud of, and that my readers will enjoy.

I’m doing my best to include plenty of practical advice and small magical suggestions throughout the text. The focus is largely on the powder and oil recipes, and the processes by which the substances are made.

Pestlework my first solo book that’s being written at a Witchcraft 201 level. Like The Sisters Grimmoire, it’s going to be accessible for beginners and suitable for more advanced practitioners. It’s meant for witches with a little bit of experience under their brooms, but beginners should be able to make good use of it too, especially if they’re clever with their kitchen spices.

As I’ve mentioned before, the book contains all of my recipes from The Witches’ Cupboard and Grovedaughter Witchery, but they were just a jumping-off point. There are over 100 brand-new recipes for magical powders and oils that have never been published anywhere before. All of them are original work from my practice; you won’t be getting a volume of all the same stuff you’ve seen in Llewellyn compendiums.

Thanks for all your support thus far! Make sure you get in your orders for The Witches’ Cupboard by Monday if you want a copy, and stay tuned for more updates on Pestlework. Hopefully I’ll have something good to announce this coming week!

Scares That Care 2017

Hello, my freaky darlings! Lulu and I had a great time at the con today. We did our best to stay for a a good while and stroll around and talk to people. We got tons of compliments and photo requests for our Lydia Deetz costumes (if you put us on your Insta, please tag @breenicgarran and @iamlaurengoodnight), and picked up some truly awesome swag in the vendors room.

Annnnd then the fire alarm went off and we decided that was as good a signal as any to call it a day. (Read: We were already sweating to death in our costumes and were not prepared to wait an hour or more for the fire marshall to clear things up, especially if there was an honest-to-goodness fire somewhere in the hotel.)

So we came home to recuperate, and we’ll be spending the evening watching old Beetlejuice cartoons and picking the wig glue out of our….everywhere.

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Update – Pestlework

WOO! Back to the grind!

(See what I did there? Ha, witch puns…)

I’m finally back to writing, and I’m spending today working on the manuscript. I’ve got a handful of oil formulae to concoct, several powder descriptions and suggested uses to write, and big swaths of the introduction to finish. It sounds like a lot, but really, it’s very manageable. The manuscript is probably about 85% finished at this point. Plus, my girl Lauren Goodnight ( @thelulusoldier​ ) is writing the foreword, and I’ve already got the cover art finished.

My goal is to have the manuscript completely finished and ready for editing by the end of July, so I can do a few weekends’ worth of editing and hopefully have everything ready to go in short order. The tentative release date right now is August 16th, but don’t hold me to that just yet.

Further updates as events warrant! 🙂

Update – Pestlework

Well, after a week-long break to adjust to my new day job, I’m back to work on the book!

Like I’ve said before, the book will include all of my recipes from The Witches’ Cupboard and from Grovedaughter Witchery. I’ve also created several dozen additional recipes to fill out the mix and make the new book worth purchasing. The total is up over 200, which was my goal, and the manuscript currently sits at a comfortable 150 pages. The price of the published book is tentatively set at $15.95 USD, and I am on track to have it published by the end of August, if all goes well.

At this point, I’ve finished with the creating and testing phases, and I’m working on descriptions and suggested uses for the various powders. I’ve finished a good deal of them, the two most recent ones being Rose Salt and Spirit Salt just today.

I’m hoping to spend this coming weekend just sitting and writing all day, if I can. It’s difficult to retain spoons for writing when my work day requires so much cognitive heavy lifting. Still, it’s a big relief to have the regular income again.

Further updates as events warrant! 🙂

Feedback Gives Me Life

Okay, I just want to take a moment here to thank my latest Amazon reviewer for Grovedaughter Witchery. I’ve gotten some amazing and thorough reviews in my time, but this one just might take the cake.

Verified Purchase Review from Jax:

Great for secular practitioners!

This is my favorite book to recommend to people about modern secular witchcraft. First, it’s the most secular book on witchcraft I’ve read to date. Second, it has a little something for everyone from the secular beginner to the more advanced secular witches. There’s really no dogma or deities to speak of in this book. Some of you might not realize, but there was just a collective cheer from the secular witch community 😜

First, her advice for beginners is practical. She assumes you’ve got no tools and no common sense. This is a good thing. We should be discussing fire safety, consent, curse positivity, and cultural appropriation with every new witch. Add in how to create your own spells, accumulate tools and materials practically, even make some of your own tools, info on color magic, and herbal guides, there’s some solid beginners advice.

Where beginners will come for the intro, others will adore the spells. The collection of oil, powder, potion, and incense recipes, along with witch bottles, charms, poppets, and spells (including curses) had me giddy. I was adding spells and recipes to my Grimoire left and right like a greedy witch. Sorrynotsorry. These spells are the kind you want to see in modern witchcraft. Sure, sometimes we want to feel like a 16th century witch stirring twigs, body parts, and herbs in a cauldron looking dark af, but other times I just want to use common herbs and use my glue gun and freakin microwave. Let’s be real.

Then, there is a great herbal correspondences section at the end of the book a la Cunningham, meaning listed by purpose/correspondence, including a herbal substitution list and notations on poisonous plants. There are even special lists for herbs used in warding/protection and curses. I literally copied the whole thing into my grimoire. I’m not joking, it took hours.

Lastly there’s a section on suggested books and texts, and a few suggestions on where to find herbs and spell materials online. Much appreciated.

Do yourself a favor, especially if you’re a secular witch, and get this book. It’s not very long, but it focuses on quality.

I hope this review was helpful to you. Happy reading!

Jax, I don’t know who you are or if you’ll see this, but I wanted to thank you. Seeing this today gave me SUCH a lift, and I’m so glad to know that my book is having a positive impact.

Thank you to all my reviewers for taking the time to give me feedback! You have no idea how much you help. 🙂