The Witching Hour – Williamsburg, VA

The Triangle, Williamsburg VA
September 24

It’s the final Sunday of the month. The moon is bright, the autumn chill is setting in, and once more, it’s time for the gothic denizens of the Tidewater area to leave their catacombs and congregate for The Witching Hour.

Feast upon delectable small-plate fare, enjoy specialty cocktails, and dance the night away while DJ Karla spins a ghoulish mix of post punk, darkwave, death rock, and witch house into the wee small hours of the morning.

Rumor has it that a certain local witch might even be making an informal appearance to celebrate the fall holidays in style….

The party runs from 10pm to 2am, 18 to enter, 21+ to drink. ID is required at the bar. No cover charge. Appropriate attire is encouraged.

Come out, come out, wherever you are…


A Lesson For Young Witches

If you cannot find representations for a given element, remember…

You are supported by a rigid skeleton made of minerals. You are earth.

Your body is over 70% fluid. You are water.

Your lungs take in and expel breath. You are air.

Your blood is warm and your brain runs on electrical impulses. You are fire.

Your essence, however you describe it, resides within you. You are spirit.

You are composed of gifts from every element, and every element is given marvelous life in you.

Never feel that you are insufficiently magical for lack of icons or accoutrements or accessories.

You are ALWAYS magic. You are ALWAYS enough.

Always Be Polite To Crows

Friday morning, I was ahead of schedule on my way in to work, so I stopped to get breakfast at a Wawa (a popular chain of large convenience stores/gas stations on the US east coast).

As I was coming out, a small crow wheeled right over my head and perched on the corner of the awning in front of the store. He puffed his feathers and shook out his wings and regarded me with one bright black eye. I know a messenger when I see one, so I minded my manners…and ignored the odd looks from the people around me.

Me: Good morning.

Crow: -polite caw-

Me: -taking a piece of donut from my bag- Would you like some breakfast?

Crow: -tips his head the other way and flaps a few times-

Me: Here you go. -tosses the piece onto the ground just below the awning-

Crow: -hesitates, looking between me and the bit of pastry-

Me: It’s all right, it’s for you. -takes a step back for good measure- Go ahead.

Crow: GRAWK! -glides down from the awning, pecks up the snack, and wheels once over my car before flying off-

Me: Give my regards to your mistress, fella.

Lady in the next parking space: …..What kinda Halloweentown shit was that?

Me: -big smile- Any witch worth their salt knows you should always be polite to crows. -hops into car and goes on to work-

Developments – What’s Next?

Now that Pestlework is making its’ way into the market and I’ve had a couple of weeks to rest, it’s time to move on to my next project. I’ve been shuffling things around as needed to publish new material, so I’ve got some options.

The Sisters Grimmoire: Vol. II

The much-anticipated followup to The Sisters Grimmoire (2015), featuring spells based on the collected works of Andrew Lang. The new volume is set to feature close to 100 original spells based on fairy tales and folklore from around the world.

Status: Pre-Writing & Preliminary Draft

The Grovedaughter’s Garden

A book of herbal magic and practical advice for witches with an affinity for growing things. The subjects covered will include magical workings to be done in and around the garden, as well as with the harvested plants, and useful information on simple container gardening for witches without yards or large spaces for planting.

Status: Research & Development

The Grovedaughter’s Year

A largely esoteric project detailing the holidays, traditions, rituals, and idiosyncrasies of my personal practice. This would likely be a short ebook, if published, and I doubt it would garner a lot of interest except from those who follow my blog.

Status: Pre-Writing

Short Horror Fiction

A number of prompts are stashed away in a folder, awaiting attention. I have a dozen or so waiting to be fleshed out, and I’m hoping to submit more works for possible podcast or magazine publication sometime next year. I’m also hoping to eventually publish a short anthology at some point, when I have a fair number of stories ready. At this point, it’s a series of writing exercises, but some of them (such as “Torso”) have managed to garner the attention of the horror community.

Status: 2 Complete, Multiple Preliminary Drafts

A Town Called Abberline

My perennial long fiction “witch village” project, forever halfway-shelved and forever having little bits added to it when inspiration strikes. I have a ton of world-building set down for this project, and a number of plotlines sketched out. It’s just a matter of actually sitting down and WRITING the stories.

Status: Pre-Writing

So as you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me!

What I want to know is what you guys think. Which projects interest you the most? Which ones would you like to see? Which ones do you think should be shelved?

Let me know! 🙂

Pestlework – Now Available!

PW Cover final KDP

Pestlework: A Book of Magical Powders & Oils

From the author of Grovedaughter Witchery comes a volume of potions and powders for all occasions, suitable to enhance the craft of any practitioner.

Old standards like Banishing Powder and Blessing Oil meet new classics like Dream Dust and Stargazer Wishing Oil. Need to rid your house of a troublesome spirit? Try a sprinkle of Ghost-Be-Gone Powder. Looking for a way to get your zest back after spellwork? Brim With Vim Vitality Oil might be just the thing. Over 200 original formulae await you within these pages, along with helpful hints, safety tips, and detailed instructions for creating your own magical powders and oils.

Collected for the first time in a single volume, these recipes are the product of twelve years of experience and much experimentation. While magic is never a guarantor of success, the potions within these pages just might give your spells the edge you need.

Amazon Kindle Listing / Print Listing
CreateSpace Listing

Pestlework – It’s Finished!!!

The manuscript is ready and the cover is finished!

Many many thanks to Lulu and Rebecca for all their help with finishing this book. Couldn’t have done it without you, darlings!

Thanks also to everyone who  gave me feedback and participated in the color scheme polls. As you can see, I did go with the purple after all. It looked even nicer with the silver background I’d originally selected for the indigo color scheme, so purple it shall be!

I’ll be spending tonight and tomorrow editing and with any luck, the book will be ready for publication later this week!

Update – Pestlework

The manuscript is nearing completion! With luck and a little elbow grease, I could be finished tonight. My dear Miss Goodnight sent in the completed Foreword earlier today, so I’ve only got two more descriptions to do, and then it’s all editing.

It’s looking like the final price for the book will be $15.95, as promised, and I’m going with a purple and silver color scheme for the cover, with the original image I planned on using. Here’s a sneak preview!

It still needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but that’ll get done before the release. I’m still aiming for a release date later this week or possibly this weekend, depending on how long editing takes.

Stay tuned!