NaNoWriMo – Days 1-2

Day 1

Well, I’m off to a good start! I don’t have any novels in the works, per se, but I’m keeping to the spirit of the thing by working on my short stories and Volume 2 of The Sisters Grimmoire. There’s also that other witchy book I have on the back burner, and I’ll go to that if inspo for the other stuff fails me.

Day One and I’m going back over the Lang Fairy Books to help fill in the gaps for the incomplete sections. I can proudly say that all eight sections now have at least 10 spells apiece. If I complete a dozen per section as planned, that will put the total over the target of 100 spells for the whole book. (Told you it was going to be bigger than Volume 1!)

I jotted down half a dozen new ideas this morning, and I’m going to spend tonight trying to flesh out the ideas that I already have. Here’s hoping that a bit of daily exercise will help me get these books finished!

Day 2


It took some finagling, but I’ve managed it! Curatives and Restoration still need one more spell apiece to complete the dozen-per-section goal I set for myself, but everything else is full and the other 100-spell goal has been reached.

Including one relationship-restoration kitchen witchery spell for whose title I should be thoroughly smacked. It’s based on The Dirty Shepherdess (from whence comes the line “I love you as [I love] the salt in my food”) and I cacklingly call it “Seasonings of Love.”

-smiles big- You may all commence the smacking.

So now, I have to work on writing the spells out long-form and detailing the necessary steps. Some of them will doubtless require reworking, and some will probably be thrown out altogether and replaced with new ones, if my experience with Volume 1 is anything to go by.

I’ll probably have to break things up with short fiction work, but hey, writing is writing!

I’ve also changed up how I’m addressing the writing process. I’ve moved from my usual comfy spot on the couch to my office, which has sat mostly unused since I lost my job. The living room is always full of distractions, usually from husband’s video games or kitty shenanigans, and being at an actual DESK puts me more firmly into Work Mode.

So, thank you, Mr. Gaiman, for the pro-tip on treating creative writing like it’s your JOB. It’s good sound advice and I can already see the difference.

Not a bad start to the month. Here’s hoping I can keep up that momentum!

Kitchen Witch Blessing

This is a nice, neutral blessing that I put into my food and baked goods while I’m cooking them up. No extra seasoning or special substances are required, though it can be used in conjunction with other food magics.

While mixing ingredients together or stirring the pot, take a few deep breaths, focus on the food, and say or clearly think the following:

   Whosoever eats of this [food],
    may prosperity find them,
    may good health be with them,
    may happiness shine on them,
    and no harm befall them.

Finish the food as you normally would, and serve it to whoever you wish.

And yes, that includes yourself. It‘s not required that you do this solely for the benefit of others. You’re allowed to do magic to give yourself a blessing too!

Need a specific blessing? Make up one of your own, and put that into the food as needed.

(Keep in mind that some people do not want unasked-for blessings, no matter how neutral or pleasant they may be. If you are serving the food to someone that you know is not comfortable with such things, either ask beforehand if they mind you blessing the meal or bless portions as you serve them so that theirs can be omitted if they prefer.)

Happy Witching!

Samhain Altar & Dead Supper – Oct. 31, 2016

The altar, cleaned and lit for Samhain and the annual re-casting of the household wards, along with a Dead Supper of apples for the dearly departed.

Happy Samhain, everybody!

Bree NicGarran

“All Soul’s Night”
Loreena McKennitt
The Visit


And Now The Weather…

The hurricane rain passed through and left us a day straight out of Washington Irving.

Cool winds refresh a land made muggy by the doldrums of late summer. From over the treetops, the white smoke of burning leaves blooms with the essential fragrance of autumn. Windows long shut are thrown wide and pumpkin-colored cats lounge on white-painted sills, luxuriating in the sunshine and rejoicing in the wind that quivers their whiskers.

Foliage still clinging to stately gowns of green begins to show a lick of flame-colored petticoats beneath. Leaves scuttle across lawn and pavement with an excited chatter, echoing the whispers of their cousins above, as if to herald the oncoming season. And over all, a golden sun rides in the limitless arc of the deep blue sky.