UPDATE – Grovedaughter Witchery

A quick update on my Witchcraft 101 NaNoWriMo project. 187 pages, 32.5k words…so close to being done! Hoping to have the first draft finished sometime today, then move on to editing.

The goal is still to have a book out by Christmas, if I can.

Thanks everyone for all your support so far!

Text Available Here: http://breenicgarran.tumblr.com/post/154033378943/update-grovedaughter-witchery-a-quick

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NaNoWriMo – Day 28

Well, I went ahead and just framed the entire rest of the book. I put all the placeholder pages in, inserted finished material where possible, and got all the way to the About the Author page.



Which means that once this beauty has all the pertinents filled in, it’s highly likely to be hovering around or sailing gracefully past that 200-page summit.

If I bust my ass for the next two days, I MIGHT have a completed rough draft by the end of November. And if not, I’ll probably have one by the end of this week or next, depending on how much time I have.

So….yeah, you’re probably getting a book for Christmas this year. 🙂

NaNoWriMo – Day 24

Wow, okay, today was an absolute EXPLOSION of Getting Things Done.

I paused some of the bits that were tripping me up and moved on to cleaning up some more of the pre-writing, just to have a sense of accomplishment. I sat back tonight and was like, “Holy crap, where’d all this progress come from!?”

SIXTY-FOUR PAGES, PEOPLE. And the word count?

(Actually, it’s over TEN thousand, I just really wanted to use that gag.)

At this point, I’ve essentially laid all the groundwork and done a good deal of the framing for the entire first half of the book. The goal of 200 pages looks like it might be within reach after all.

Going to get some sleep now, because it’s after 5am, and then see about finishing those last few tutorials over Thanksgiving Day.

NaNoWriMo – Day 22

Closing in on 40 pages, word count stands at just over 6,000. I’m nearly done with the first section, which is the foreword, the advice for beginners, and half a dozen how-to articles. Some of them turned out to be longer than I expected, and I’m still not sure whether I’ll need to try and create diagrams for the one I still have to write.

I’m actually pretty jazzed right now, and things are quiet, like they usually are at 3am, and I’m thinking of just pulling an all-nighter to work on the book and get my sleep schedule back on track. I know that sounds ass-backwards, but with how my insomnia works, I wind up being wide awake staring at the wall until like 5am, and then I pass out until noon or 1pm and accomplish next to nothing.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

When will my sleep return from the war….

So the only way to fix it (for me) is with the sleep cycle equivalent of a hard reset: stay up all night, power through the following day, go to bed at a decent hour when I’m exhausted enough to actually sleep through the night.

And in the meantime, I’ll try and get some more work done. The wee dark hours are when I come up with some of my best ideas anyway.

NaNoWriMo – Day 18-19

Day 18 (Update)

So, “Grovedaughter Witchery” is coming along quite nicely.

This is looking like a pretty decent-sized project so far. I still have to finish a few pieces, just to give it some heft. I also want to add a handful or so more original witchball charm recipes, and I need to finalize the magical powder recipes that I’m including. (Witches’ Cupboard fans, rejoice! There’s a slew of new ones!)

The book will also include several spells from my personal files, articles I’ve written on various aspects of magical practice and mechanics, tutorials and how-to guides, and an updated version of my advice for beginner witches.

Still a long way to go, much clean-up to do. But I’m off to a very good start!

Day 19

At the risk of jinxing myself, the book is going very well!

I’ve started compiling the various articles and the draft copy is up to 35 pages already. There’s lots more to be done still, and I’m hoping to make at least 200 pages by the time it’s finished. That seems to be a pretty common length for witchy books of this type.

I’m doing my best to make the text inclusive and non-preachy, and I made sure to include a note at the beginning so that it’s very clear that the book is based on my own practices, and that my opinions shouldn’t be taken as fact. I also tidied up the language in my Advice for beginners section. (Because as anyone who knows me will tell you, sometimes I swear too goddamn much.)

Shifting my focus to this project has turned out to be the best idea I’ve had in ages. If I can keep up this pace and get a few pages written or edited every day, I just might make my end-of-month goal after all!

(And if not, it’ll be a lot easier to get it done next month.)

NaNoWriMo – Day 18

I…may have just accidentally written a book.

I don’t know how it happened! I’ve been stashing articles I’ve written and little spells and things I’ve done in this one folder for ages now, without any real organization. So I went in and did some cleanup today, kind of blinked at the amount of stuff that was in there, and took a swing at putting everything in a Table of Contents, just to see what I was working with.

The, uh…the short version of the story is…well, you remember how a bunch of you were clamoring for me to write a Witchy-101-type  book after The Sisters Grimmoire came out?

I think I just did.

I spent tonight chatting with Anna (my co-author from The Sisters Grimmoire Vol. 1 and The Witches’ Cupboard), and looking up fonts and legalese and CreateSpace information. There’s a lot to untangle with logistics and such, so I wanted to get a jump start on that. I also put together a Word file and started compiling the various components.

“Grovedaughter Witchery” is now my NaNoWriMo project, and with a little luck and a lot of coffee, I think I just might have a book written by December!

(Now THAT would be witchcraft!)

NaNoWriMo – Day 17

Well, as those who follow my personal blog already know, things went pretty much cattywompus after the election, and I’ve missed a lot of days. I’m definitely not going to make 50k words on anything this month, but I’m going to continue trying to work on my projects every day, just to establish good habits.

The Sisters Grimmoire Vol. 2 is nearly complete in first draft form. I still have to flesh out most of the spells and translate my notes into actual prose. I also need to figure out whether I’m going to try and write forewords for each section like Anna and I did for The Sisters Grimmoire Vol 1. Still haven’t made a decision about cover art either.

I’ve gotten bits and piece and some plot outlines done for my short horror pieces. The ideas are there, it’s just the usual problem of “how do I get from A to B” and so on. I’m less worried about this one since it’s a long-term project. I’m hoping to eventually have enough short stories to self-publish a little collection via CreateSpace.

I’ve managed to get some work done my Practical Magic articles, which will eventually be part of my website and narrated for my YouTube channel. I’ve already done a piece on Magical Flame and Fire Safety. Upcoming articles include Supermarket Sorcery, Practical Aspects of Smoke Cleansing, and On the Possibility of Spiritual Attack.

There’s also that book of personal craft things that I’ve been keeping on the back burner for months now. I was going over potential material for that this morning, and there’s quite a lot more than I was expecting. I’m going to focus on that for today, just to see how close I am to having a complete book. If this is a Witches’ Cupboard situation where it turns out that a book can be put together with fairly little effort, I’ll probably throw all my spare time into getting that finished.

Further updates as events warrant!