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Grovedaughter Witchery: Practical Spellcraft – $18.95
A discussion of practical secular witchcraft, with spells, charms, tutorials,
and all the advice I wish someone had given me when I started out, sans the spiritual agendas. 
Geared toward beginners, but suitable for everyone!

The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells & Charms for Your Happily Ever After – $19.95
A collection of original spells and charms based on the works of The Brothers Grimm.
Second volume currently in the works!

Pestlework: A Book of Magical Powders & Oils – $15.95
For the witch who would have majored in Potions!
Over 200 recipes for magical powders and oils, with instructions for creation and suggested uses.


Bree’s Banishing Powder – $3.00
The legendary blend that started it all! For banishing and GTFO magic of all kinds.
2-dram glass vial with screwtop lid

Bree’s Luck Salt – $3.00
For good fortune, prosperity magic, and turning your luck around.
2-dram glass vial with screw-top lid

Dead Man’s Dust – $3.00
For preventing spirits from following you home.
2-dram glass vial with screw-top lid
Note: This product contains NO human remains.

Jackpot Powder – $4.00
For bringing monetary wealth or a financial boost.
2-dram glass vial with screw-top lid

Hexbreaker Powder – $4.00
For breaking or removing baneful magic.
2-dram glass vial with screw-top lid
(Sold Out – Restocking Soon!)

Home Blessing Powder – $4.00
For general home blessing spells.
2-dram glass vial with screw-top lid
(Coming June 2021!)

Powder vials come with a label, with name and list of ingredients.




Witch Web Kit – $5.00
Kit comes with 7″ wooden hoop, 1 skein ea. white and black embroidery floss, pentacle charm, and instructions.
(10 available, will restock)


Starter Witch Kit – $10.00
Everything you need to start a tiny witch kit of your own!
(Coming Soon!)

HexPos and WATW stickers

Stickers – $1.00 ea.
Please specify which one(s) you want.
Hex Positive (2×4″) |  We Are The Weirdos, Mister (2×4″)
(More designs coming soon!)


Pinback Buttons – 2 / $1.00
Please specify which ones you want.
WITCH | Hex The Patriarchy | Instrument of Cosmic Justice | Blame It On The Retrograde (Blk or Red)
Where There’s A Witch There’s A Way | Don’t Let The Cats Out Or The Cops In (Blk or Pastel)
This Witch Hexes Fascists (Blk or Pastel) | Feelin Witchy, Might Hex Later
Hex Positive podcast button (Blk or Purple) | Always Practice Safe Hex
(Crossed-out buttons are out of stock.)

All prices USD.
$10.00 minimum. Shipping charges will apply. 
All international orders must be books only due to customs restrictions.
(I will ship to everywhere I possibly can, but shipping fees may make certain places unfeasible. My sincere apologies to anyone this leaves out.)

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